“This serial number guide app is great! Simple to use, always in my pocket and has a huge range of new and old machines. I’ve had the App for a couple of weeks and it’s come in very handy! Definitely worth the money for what it has saved me on a few appraisals. Recommend it to anyone in the business!”
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Cameron. R
Yatala, QLD, Australia
"How good can it be for $5 a month. I was sceptical but thought, it will only cost me $5 to try it for 1 month and see if it's any good compared to xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxx. Well! I was surprised! It did exactly what I wanted and it's so easy to use on site! Thanks for a great reference tool at a good price."
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John. C
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
"We decided to sell a few of our older machines, estimating they were mid to late 70's models, when my son saw your ad on Facebook we thought, why not try it out and confirm the age of these machines. Best 5 bucks I've ever spent!! The 2 wheel loaders were actually 1981 models and my old grader was a 1982 model." "We advertised and sold the 3 machines to an overseas buyer for over $10,000 more than we initially thought assuming they were 70's models. It only cost an extra $5 as we only needed your app for that one reason and while we had it we checked the year models for all our other machines. For sure we will be using your app again when we decide to buy more machines. Thanks for making me some money Con Info."
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John, S
New Mexico, USA
I have found your serial number guide to be very good. It is easy to use on my phone and good value for money.
Davi M
Monterrey, Mexico
We have been using your app for 6months now and it is a great, simple serial number to year model guide which is perfect for my business. Any money saved in business today is a bonus and your app will cost me less to use for a whole year than the previous guide I was using costed me in a month. Thanks.
Robert N
Escondido. CA
Great guide, basic, easy and works well on site.
Lochie S
Houston. TX
Thanks for a serial number guide that is exactly what you have advertised. IT IS easy to use, accurate and works wherever your cell has signal.
Jay M
Pittsburgh. PA